For two years now, Alsiter have entered into a partnership with Aksilia Group, an Italian provider of strategic business consulting services.

As a result of this collaboration, as announced in the previous news “The benefits of Industry 4.0 according to Alsiter”, Alsiter have gained benefits to streamline their procedures and improve the production efficiency, leveraging the digitization and optimization of industrial operations. The collaboration also helps Alsiter deliver turnkey services to customers in the engineering and standardization domains.

By partnering with Aksilia Group, Alsiter have chosen to provide customers with full service and comprehensive support for the creation of new industrial plants and the revamping of existing installations. In this area, the company can offer leading-edge technical skills combined with legal and process expertise, the latter is a key element for Industry 4.0 initiatives, where technical-industrial developments and the evolution of standards and regulations are key drivers for the economic revolution in Italy and worldwide.

The Alsiter and Aksilia Group collaboration: Industry 4.0 benefits

The partnership between Aksilia Group and Alsiter offers the following benefits:

  1. checking the requirements to apply for Industry 4.0 tax facilities
  2. checking the requirements to apply for R&D tax incentives
  3. analysis of investments
  4. analysis of expenses incurred into and current expenses
  5. deployment of new process and IT infrastructures
  6. upgrade of legacy process and IT infrastructures
  7. support for all paperwork and bureaucratic procedures
  8. delivery of turnkey service

Alsiter’s engineering experience

With their engineering experience, Alsiter can operate in the following industries:

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Metal Wire
  • Steel
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Power Distribution
  • Alternative Energy

In these industries, Alsiter offer a wide range of services including design, plant installation (also on-site), maintenance and related monitoring.

The Alsiter engineers are highly skilled and can offer custom industrial solutions based on specific customer requirements, and production and investment needs.

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The management expertise of Aksilia Group

With solid management and administration skills, Aksilia Group can help companies find their way in an ever-changing and competitive economic and regulatory landscape.
Aksilia Group assist companies with the design of planning processes, supporting strategic business decisions and evaluating future scenarios and the necessary processes to obtain non-repayable loans and tax facilities.
Aksilia Group also assist customers with all the paperwork for software development, from requirements analysis to software delivery, up to post-release service.
Last but not least, Aksilia Group have the training expertise required to assist companies with certification and process regulation procedures, in compliance with applicable laws.

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution has given birth to Industry 4.0, where machines are interconnected and interact with each other, with self-diagnostic and preventive maintenance capabilities.

In the Industry 4.0, production integrates with IoT, cloud and big data. In this new domain, data play a critical role. So, we talk about open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing.

Once data have been collected, the data analysis phase generates added value from data, using analytics as the essential tool for the result process execution.
An element of Industry 4.0 that drives the increasing diffusion of touch interfaces and augmented reality is human-machine interaction, finally, an integral part of Industry 4.0 is the sector that transforms digital into physical, such as additive manufacturing, robotics and machine-to-machine interaction.


Working in the Industry 4.0 and leveraging the valuable partnership with Aksilia Group – boasting longstanding experience in economics and law – Alsiter can provide customers with turnkey service including:

  • administration support
  • optimization of business operations
  • increased manufacturing efficiency

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