Alsiter has successfully completed a plant renovation project at Cartiera di Ferrara.
With the revamping project, this historical business has become even more productive.

The project developed by Alsiter for Cartiera di Ferrara has involved several sections of the paper mill and required to implement all the modifications into the DCS (Distributed Control System).

“With deep process know-how and an extensive knowledge of the most popular control systems, we can support complex revamping initiatives, from design, to development, up to commissioning,” said Roberto Altieri, President of Alsiter.

Cartiera di Ferrara, a historical Italian paper mill

Cartiera di Ferrara is an integrated Italian company producing high-quality cardboard and sturdy cardboard cores for over 70 years.
The company addresses the paper, textile and manufacturing industries, as well as the plastic, constructions, printing/publishing and home decoration sectors.

With more than seventy years of experience combined with a propensity for innovation and constant update of manufacturing technology, Cartiera di Ferrara has become a reference for the production of cardboard and cardboard cores in Italy and worldwide.

Alsiter completes revamping in just 15 days

With only 15-day downtime, the Alsiter team has been able to execute the full revamping of paper mill equipment.

In detail, the following sections were involved:
● the headbox
● the fourdrinier
● the shoes press
● the drying rooms

We will now illustrate the plant modernization steps in detail.
As system integrator, we designed the plant, the development of control logic and the transformation of graphical interfaces.

Specifically, we completely redesigned the core of the machine, implementing a new DCS based on the Siemens PCS7 control system.

We also developed approximately 600 input and output signals, distributed in two I/O cabinets and managed by a new S7-400 CPU.

As a result of our action, the machine underwent radical transformation that translated into an increase in production capacity.

Increased production capacity: faster cycle time and better quality

The dynamic, expandible and completely “open” system allows Cartiera di Ferrara to integrate all the interfaces of the new DCS. With the new system, the paper mill has also prepared the plant for future expansions.

At Alsiter_The automation mover, we specialize in the revision, restructuring and renovation of industrial plants, to extend their operating life within the production process.
This example of revamping at Cartiera di Ferrara integrates the original and historical project with up-to-date and leading-edge solutions delivering effective results in terms of production and quality.

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