Riparazione Industriale e Test Vibrazionali AlsiterAn all-favorite service of Alister’s customers is the overhaul and repair of industrial motors, as well as the execution of vibration tests, directly in the field.
Motor overhaul and vibration tests are performed by the Alsiter team based in the Lucca workshop, providing the customer with full support from damage diagnostics and evaluation up to final motor testing.
Please visit the web page dedicated to Alsiter operations for industrial motor overhaul and repair.

Industrial repair service and tests by Alsiter

The industrial repair service and the vibration tests requested by Alsiter’s customers include the following operations carried out by the Lucca workshop staff:

  • single-phase AC/DC motor rewinding and repair
  • repair of centrifugal pumps and submerged pumps
  • three-phase AC/DC motor rewinding and repair
  • machining operations
  • DC or variable speed motor overhaul

Alsiter’s Lucca workshop is equipped with a test bench for low-voltage (LV) AC/DC motors.

These operations are supplemented with onsite support for motor repair and maintenance, including mechanical and electrical service in case of failure. Alsiter round off their service offer with the supply of spare motors in case of plant breakdown and the sale of single- and three-phase motors, centrifugal and submerged pumps.

Summing up, our Lucca-based team is qualified to perform:

  • vibration tests in the field
  • vibration analysis to diagnose mechanical and electrical anomalies of industrial motors
  • dual checking of overhauled products, in the workshop and in the field.

If you want to discover all services offered by Alsiter for industrial automation, please visit the dedicated section.

Industrial electric motor diagnostics and testing

For an industrial electric motor to achieve a significant lifetime, it is necessary to perform suitable diagnostics and testing, as its operation is affected by the following factors:

  • operating conditions
  • installation environment
  • installation plant

By testing the motor and diagnosing possible failures or malfunctions, the engineers of Alsiter’s Lucca-based workshop ensure optimal operation over time, while improving energy consumption levels and maximizing the reliability of the plant.

Alsiter guarantees the repair of motor failures and its operating efficiency, using vibration and thermographic analysis techniques and issuing a final testing certificate.

The benefits of industrial repair? High-efficiency motors

The periodical repair of industrial plants and the overhaul of machinery result into high-efficiency motors and offer the additional benefit of tax credits for companies.

In conclusion, the overhaul of industrial motors and the execution of onsite vibration and thermographic tests translate into higher plant reliability with more efficient motors, significantly improving their efficiency.

In our website, under motor repair and overhaul, you can find more information about the services dedicated to industrial motors and the tests we perform.

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