The first industrial revolution was driven by steam power, the second by electricity and the third by IT. The Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, a set of technologies that allow to digitize production operations.

This has been the key topic of economic transformation in Italy in recent years, and with the 2020 Budget Law, significant tax benefits have been offered to companies to promote and support their technological innovation.

There are three types of fiscal incentives offered to companies in 2020:

  • tax credit for investments in instrumental goods;
  • tax credit for investments in research and development and technological innovation;
  • tax credit for professional education and training.

In an ever changing and competitive economic and regulatory landscape, companies can rely on competence centers offering guidance and training services, as well as support for the implementation of innovation, industrial research and experimental development projects aimed at the creation of new products, processes or services (or their improvement) through advanced Industry 4.0 technology.

Alsiter_The Automation Mover, through Sadas Group, is supported by Aksilia Group for all paperwork and bureaucratic procedures in this growth and development process.

From the analysis of investments and expenses to check the existence of the necessary requirements to access Industry 4.0 and/or R&D facilitations, up to the “happy ending”, the company offers a turnkey service to deploy new or adapt old process and IT infrastructures.

In this way, any project by Alsiter_The Automation Mover can benefits from leaner procedures and improved production efficiency, resulting from the digitalization and optimization of business operations.

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