Metal Wire Drawing

We design and manufacture equipment and automation systems for the metal wire industry. In detail, we offer solutions for the production of:

  • Single or Multiple Strands
  • Steel Wire
  • Complete single- or dual-wire rod breakdown lines for copper and alloyed aluminum wire
  • Metal wire drawing machines
  • Metal wire winding and collecting machines

Our products are used all over the world by our customers in the steel industry, to manufacture wire and profiles for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electricity
  • Constructions
  • Medical
  • Textile
  • Welding

In close collaboration with our customers, we are constantly committed to studying, improving and applying new technology and processes, preserving our market leadership combined with a commitment to total quality and top performance.



PC Strand multi-motor panels with microprocessor and all-digital converters with adjustment control (e.g. voltage regulation, diameter calculation, PID, Synchro control, ramps, reference control) and RS485 communication link between converters and server PC, as well as alarms and analog quantity transmission (current, offset, speed).


Copper Rod BreakDown Machine

The control instrument for automatic pull-through solves the issues of pull-through systems: the system (a smart keyboard with LCD screen) allows to adjust the wire diameter pitch, without a mechanical limit switch for reversal, which would have to be adjusted each time according to the coil size.