Motor Repair and Overhaul

Industrial motor revision and overhaul operations, carried out inside our workshop in Lucca, range from damage diagnostics and analysis to final testing, with a strict sequence of operations based on an internal process designed for continuous improvement.

  • Single-phase, three-phase, AC/DC motor rewinding and repair
  • Centrifugal and submergible pump repair
  • Mechanical machining
  • Revision of DC or variable speed motors, also at customer site

When all the mechanical, electric and electronic components of a motor are re-assembled, it is vital to check and clean all replaced parts to ensure the future life of the motor.

The assembling process itself must be carried out in an environment with clear air and clean surfaces.

After this critical re-assembling process, the overhauled motor can be tested.

With its team of qualified and expert engineers, the Alsiter factory offers solid expertise acquired over more than forty years in the industry.

We have a specializing workshop with test bench for AC/DC LV motors.

With our vibration and thermographic analysis equipment, we can release a testing certificate that guarantees the repaired motor and its operation.


  • Sale of single-phase, three-phase, AC/DC motors
  • Sale of centrifugal and submergible pumps
  • Sale of used and reconditioned equipment
  • We rely on qualified partners such as Siemens, ABB, Seeipe, Marelli etc.


  • Onsite motor repair and maintenance
  • Mechanical and electrical service in case of failure
  • Supply of spare motors to keep the plant up and running in case of failure


With Vibration Institute Level III certified staff, we can offer:

  • Infield vibration test with assembled product.
  • Vibration analysis to diagnose mechanical and electrical anomalies.
  • Dual checking of overhauled products, in the workshop and in the field.