Alternative Energy


We design and implement high-quality photovoltaic systems in residential and industrial buildings, designing measure-made solutions based on energy consumption and energy saving requirements.

Our services include design and engineering, equipment supply, installation and paperwork.

Paperwork, preparation of preliminary projects and applications to GSE for grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

Preparation of final and executive projects and/or project management for GSE-approved grid-connected photovoltaic systems. We take care of each phase to offer turnkey service.

We support the customer from preliminary concept to design, from consulting on Conto Energia incentives to the identification of a dedicated loan.

Photovoltaic system testing and performance analysis, according to IEC 61724.

Performance analysis is carried out using Class II measurement systems, an onsite weather data collection system, an inverter data collection system, a Web-interface device or a local server.

We help customers identify financial loans and insurance solutions that fit their specific requirements.


Wind power has been used in the past few decades to produce electricity.

The operating principle of wind turbines is the same as windmills: wind moves the blades; their motion is transferred to a generator that produces energy.

Wind power results from the conversion of wind kinetic energy into electric energy; the generator driven by the turbine produces electric energy with a sine wave through a power system made up of diodes (rectifiers) and IGBT (inverters).

Everything is controlled by a computing system to feed electricity into the grid.

Alternatively, a permanent magnet synchronous generator can be connected directly to the blades, offer higher capacity and yield compared to conventional synchronous generators.

With the expertise and skills acquired in this industry, we can deliver high-efficiency systems, ensuring the highest energy efficiency levels through the use of world-class materials and accurate custom design.