Construction of Industrial Plants

The core business of Alsiter is the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of industrial automation plants.

With a sales team predominantly comprised of engineers and over 50 hardware and software designers, we can provide turnkey systems for paper and cardboard processing plants, metal wire drawing, rolling mills, energy saving and recovery systems, process supervision and control systems.

Constantly driving technological innovation, we specialize in the design of efficient custom-made industrial plants, meeting the highest efficiency and quality standards.

Excellent industrial plant engineering starts from accurate analysis in collaboration with the customer, to create a production-optimized plant with manufacturing lines consisting of suitable and flexible equipment.

We can deliver full-featured automation, reducing or minimizing the risk of labor errors, standardizing production operations and slashing costs.

The accurate design of automated industrial plants always includes a supervisory system for remote control and a process data storage solution.

We execute the installation and maintenance of different types of industrial plants, leveraging the experience and expertise of a staff of engineers and technicians.

We pay utmost attention to the operating efficiency of each plant, to avoid possible failures and malfunctioning.

Relying on a solid company for the assembling and maintenance of industrial plants is just as important, as it defines the future quality and efficiency of the entire production process.

We support customer through all stages from concept, through design, up to plant construction and maintenance.

The design of electrical systems is based on a consulting collaboration with the customer, entrusted to a dedicated team with solid engineering expertise.

We offer complete hardware design services, including documentation in compliance with standards and certifications.

From the analysis of potential issues to the selection of the most suitable solutions for each application, Alsiter develops very accurate projects, strictly meeting deadlines and any specific need of the customer.

With many years of experience in different areas of industrial automation, we can develop and apply different software programming techniques, in different languages, to achieve the best results in the shortest time, while meeting the best quality standards.

We deploy our skills in process control, motor and actuator control, on the different development platforms of major market players:

PLC-DCS Singledrive- Multidrive
Siemens PCS7 – WinCC Sinamics
ABB 800xA – AC500 ACS/DCS880
Rockwell ControlLogix Power Flex
Gefran Serie ADV
Mitsubishi MELSEC

Alsiter has three workshops specializing in the construction of low- and medium-voltage electric cabinets; the company build and test their solutions in house, optimizing time and costs.

We supply all the components and we can also integrate materials provided by the customer or as required.

We also lay down the cables and electric connections for the plants we design or supervise.

Finally, we offer commissioning services for machines and plants, with a range of technical skills from process enhancements to energy consumption optimization.

With a combination of adequate equipment, large factory areas and skilled engineers, we can also assemble large-size power cabinets.

All power cabinets are assembled directly in house, to keep the entire production process constantly monitored in terms of quality and delivery deadlines.

  • HV lines (HV/MV substations and transformers)
  • MC cells
  • MV/LV transformers
  • PPC cabinets (Power Control Center)
  • MCC cabinets (Motor Control Center)
  • Multidrive cabinets
  • Pneumatic cabinets
  • Automation PLC cabinets
  • Rack cabinets
  • Control desks

Alsiter delivers reactive service from startup and commissioning to testing, including all tests for power cabinets, drives, motors and instrumentation.

We implement modifications and enhancements to achieve optimal performance.

We supervise assembling operations with the support of qualified engineers, we commission the plant and execute product tests to achieve the required productivity within the shortest time possible.

We supervise assembling operations with the support of qualified engineers, we commission the plant and execute product tests to achieve the required productivity within the shortest time possible.

We have developed an onsite checkup service to check the efficiency of plants and systems, so as to plan optimization activities in the most effective way.

Our experience has gained us the role of reference partner for companies: we can perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of different types of industrial plants, using innovative high-tech measurement instruments.

ordinary maintenance

By ordinary maintenance and support, we mean all the regular actions required to preserve the optimal operation of plants. Machinery and plant maintenance covers all the pieces of equipment, in compliance with applicable regulations and safety standards.

Extraordinary maintenance

Extraordinary maintenance and support is a more in-depth service for companies and workshops, consisting of specific actions on machines and plants carried out with a planned schedule or during inactivity periods.
We make a detailed plan of all the plant or equipment parts that need replacing or maintenance, fully restoring the efficiency of any industrial plant, automated machinery, line or automation system, or specific capabilities as requested by the customer.



Measurement instruments for Industry 4.0 requirements


A well-furbished warehouse ensures quick response in case of equipment downtime


Our teams boasts several years of experience and multiple qualifications.

To deliver quick and efficient service for automation plants, Alsiter uses advanced IT tools for web-based remote connectivity, including teleservice and video monitoring.

Applications are monitored over time to preserve efficiency and productivity.

With expert and qualified engineers, the company can adapt the hardware and software capabilities of any plant to keep up with market needs.


Alsiter’s teleservice provides customers with suitable IT resources with real-time plant monitoring by our engineers and the possibility to troubleshoot or upgrade the software to solve any inconvenience or apply changes directly from the headquarters, avoiding long waiting time and expensive travels.


Alsiter offer consulting to select the most suitable automation solutions, from small systems to complex plants, delivering optimal solutions for each type of application.

With deep process knowledge and specialization in plant hardware and software upgrades, we offer consulting services in line with market needs.


For Alsiter, post-sales service is critical: the corporate philosophy and working method result into a collaborative customer relationship that goes beyond basic supplier-customer contacts, establishing a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty over time.

Customers know they can rely on technical staff, completely available at any time, acting in synergy with them, developing solutions that can improve the performance of their machinery.


We offer dedicated specialization courses:

  • PLC S7 Classic and CFC Basic and Advanced Course
  • PLC S7 TIA Portal PLC & HMI Basic and Advanced Course
  • DCS PCS7 Basic and Advanced Course
  • DCS ABB800xA Basic and Advanced Course
  • Mitsubishi PLC & HMI
  • B&R PLC & HMI

With a record of several applications and engineers with high-level skills, we can develop integrated DCS systems built to customer specifications.

The Alsiter solution offers and OPEN and EXTENSIBLE system based on their know-how and without proprietary technology.