In 2015, Alsiter obtained the certification as Service ABB Autorized Value Provider.

ABB is a technology pioneer working in close collaboration with customers in utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure in more than 100 countries. In detail, the Service ABB Authorized Value Provider certification obtained by Alsiter was released by the Motion Business Area, i.e. the biggest supplier of drives and motors on a global scale.

With this certification, Alsiter has become an ABB Authorized Value Provider, joining ABB’s Channel Partner Network, a selective network of Distributors, System Integrators and Service Providers offering added value to customers.

Certificazione ABB Alsiter, Authorized Value Provider

For more information, we interviewed Giuseppe Simonini, president of Alsiter.

Interview with Giuseppe Simonini, Alsiter CEO, about ABB certification

Giuseppe Simonini told us what it means to be an ABB partner, which are the benefits, and what we can offer with this qualification.

➔ What does it mean to be a Service ABB Authorized Value Provider?

For Alsiter, achieving the Service ABB Authorized Value Provider certification is a major milestone, but most of all it proves that we are moving into the right direction.

Through a dedicated certification process, Alsiter can deliver dedicated services in line with ABB’s quality standards. In detail:

  • products perfectly integrated into systems
  • engineering
  • spare parts
  • customer care
  • onsite service with ABB Motion Service support

We can also install and commission ABB PLCs, drives and motors.
As a result, customer can be confident that they buy quality products and have access to unparalleled customization.

➔ Which are the benefits of certification for Alsiter?

Being a certified ABB Service Authorized Value Provider, we enjoy several benefits, including:

  • having access to one of the richest product portfolios on the market
  • relying on priority support for material supplies
  • having access to the ABB Channel Partners portal as a unique reference for all information

Furthermore, besides excellent process knowledge, we can rely on ABB’s certified expertise, specific for each product line.

As Service ABB Value Provider, we have access to ABB’s training services for applications, solutions, services and products, offering in-depth technical knowledge.

➔ Which are the benefits of this certification for customers?

Customers get two main benefits from ABB certification:

  • higher productivity
  • recognized brand quality

With the ABB certification, Alsiter’s customers can benefit from higher productivity, as we can face pressing production challenges with expertise.

Being an ABB partner means you have to invest time and resources to acquire a better knowledge of ABB products, tools and processes. As a result, we apply or best adapt ABB products based on customer requirements and destination plant.

Besides the professional expertise of our engineers, each activity can rely on the presence and reliability of an established brand like ABB.
As Service ABB Value Provider, we can wear the ABB Value Provider logo.
So, when customers see this certification, they can be confident that we offer high-quality support and services consistent with ABB quality standards.

➔ Which are the industries where it is useful to have an “Authorized Value Provider” certification from ABB?

As system integrators in the automation and electrification of industrial plants, certified as Service ABB Authorized Value Provider, we can operate all over the world as a reliable partner, providing our customers with ABB’s top-quality standards.

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