The creation of Alsiter group will increase the potential in terms of available resources and workforce, as well as expand product and process know-how.

Leveraging the existing workforce of skilled engineers from Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, operating in synergy and covering different areas, Alsiter will make the most of longstanding expertise and knowledge, combined with technological innovations to offer successful service in terms of costs and performance.


The technology and information assets of the two companies have been merged to create a wider and stronger network of knowledge.

The benefits of this operation will be measurable in terms of organization and manufacturing capabilities, generating additional benefits for all customers.

The expertise acquired in the industrial automation market and constant industry updates will translate into better service at competitive prices.


The Alsiter Group will have two headquarters: one in Lucca (a reference district for the pulp & paper industry) and one in Imola, where steel, plastic/rubber, renewable energy and metal wire drawing will be the focus areas.

To serve the Asian market efficiently, and especially China, Alsiter will have an operating branch in Shanghai.

Alsiter will also manage complete projects leveraging their knowledge of a wide range of applications and improved manufacturing efficiency of their industrial operations, based on leading-edge automation technology.


The focus on continuous innovation and constant commitment to quality and service improvements enable the group to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions.

The two companies will merge their respective design and construction skills, acquired and certified over the years, into the new project.

Alsiter will inherit the certifications and recognitions obtained by Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, such as the CSA (Customer Satisfaction Audit), proving that the new organization is a virtuous player, focused on the needs of their customers.