Following the launch of the Alster project, a new system integrator in the business of industrial plant automation and electrification, the teams of Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi are collaborating to open two international sites: one in Bucharest, Romania, to tap into the potential of the East European market, and one in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, to serve the North American market.

Internationalization is the key driver for growth, development and expansion. We are expanding our scope to all the markets with favorable conditions for business growth through the development of local opportunities. Internationalization is a natural evolution of the traditional way of making business.

The Alsiter project will involve 170 people distributed in different sites:

  • Lucca will be the excellence district for Pulp & Paper, with two workshops for automation and power cabinet wiring
  • Imola, with a focus on the development of operations in the steel industry, plant automation systems, alternative energy, and rubber and PVC calendering
  • Shanghai, as the operating branch delivering technical and sales services to China and the Far East
  • Gerenzano, hosting the construction of cabinets for energy plants, automation and power cabinets, and a spare parts warehouse
  • Inveruno, with a workshop for the assembling of automation and power cabinets

All these units share an open-minded and flexible approach, oriented to teamwork, with staff that are always ready to learn and meet the highest expectations.

This vision has resulted into closer and closer synergy across all sectors, going far beyond simple collaboration between complementary companies.