Video Control and Remote Service have different features and technological requirements, but both fit perfectly into the key requirements of Industry 4.0. As a result, the number of industrial machinery and plants equipped with integrated remote control and service systems is increasing rapidly.

These systems deliver several benefits for all operations where equipment downtime due to failure is not acceptable. They also help reduce service costs and ensure effective and efficient service also for users who, due to logistic constraints, cannot be supported with conventional infield services.

With its Remote Service and Video Control solutions meeting the latest Cyber Security requirements, Alsiter ensures minimum downtime to all machinery and plant users, and maximum uptime across the entire lifecycle of the automation system.

With the expert and qualified engineers of Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, Alsiter can adapt the hardware and software capabilities of any plant to keep up with market needs.

Customers know they can rely on technical staff, completely available at any time, acting in synergy with them, developing solutions that can improve the performance of their machinery.

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