Alsiter_The Automation Mover, through Sadas Group, has been selected by ITS PRIME Foundation as active partner for the training, teaching and registration activities of post-diploma technical specialization courses in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and IT, based on Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

The courses organized by ITS PRIME are designed to train highly skilled workers, called “Tecnici Superiori” (qualified engineers), who will take strategic roles in the manufacturing industry.

Leveraging its qualified engineers and solid know-how, the company will:

  • contribute to the definition of the teaching program;
  • host training stages;
  • offer qualified engineers to teach in the industrial automation modules of the courses organized by the institute ITS Meccanico Cartario, to train qualified engineers for the innovation of mechanical operations and products in the papermaking machinery domain (“Paper Gear 2020”)

With this initiative, Alsiter will benefit from the partnership closed by Sadas Group, providing course participants with high-tech learning environments, the presentation of innovation technologies to improve processes and products, and real opportunities for their future employment.

For more information about ITS PRIME Foundation and the specialization courses, visit the official website.

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