Alsiter_The Automation Mover, benefiting from the reliability of Sadas Group, has obtained the acknowledgment of CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY for the year 2020.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the company has been rewarded once again for the quality of its work in recent years. This important acknowledgment recognizes the highest level of business reliability for an organization, and it is assigned only and exclusively to companies which maintain constantly high economic and commercial reliability and a record of regular payments to their suppliers and employees.

Every year, Cribis acknowledges only 8% out of more than 6 million Italian companies surveyed, based on the CRIBIS D&B Rating*, a synthetic index resulting from an algorithm that processes several variables, including company information, balance sheet data, years in business, payment record, negative evidence and more.

The CRIBIS Prime Company certification is a warranty for any business that chooses a certified company as business partner.

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