Any company should know the lifecycle of their equipment to acquire accurate information about how to restore the profitability of obsolete industrial automation systems.

Revamping is an operation to overhaul and refurbish industrial plants, with the purpose of increasing production without replacing your equipment.

Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi, merged into Alsiter, can handle complex revamping projects while ensuring minimum downtime and high efficiency, an essential prerequisite to increase the yield of a production line while reducing costs.

To achieve such results, the technological core of an industrial machine must be upgraded to up-to-date solutions, so that the plant improves its quality standards without changing its original configuration.

Through revamping, Alsiter can restore obsolete technological processes, replacing them with modern technology that give “new life” to a plant, consequently achieving increased productivity, energy saving and enhanced safety.

In detail, Alsiter can provide the following:

  • Replacement of old DC or AC drives
  • Retrofitting of drives to extend the life or upgrade the features of the plant, safeguarding costs
  • Replacement of drives and process control devices with step-by-step approaches, guiding the customer to progressive plant modernization
  • Training and on-field support services for operators and maintenance staff
  • Virtualization of DCS control systems

Do you want to increase production without replacing your plants?

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